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August 2010

Dinner is ready! Please come home! -- Nancy Hickmann

I buy all my clothes at Lee's Sax Worx! -- Marc Miyashiro

Just by accident, I found your site. It is wonderful. I am a seasoned sax player that has been concentrating in Tex-Mex sounds here in El Paso, Texas. I was glad to find a site I can relate to in the playing field. Thanks again. -- Oro del Paso

hi, lee, your´s a nice site. Thank you. -- Eduardo Chagas

Keep on playing. -- John C. Laughter

G' Day! -- Charles from Australia

I live in Italy and I'm a collector and a dealer of vintage saxophones in Italy. -- Attilio Berni

I like your page! -- Dan Zwerg

Hi Lee. Great Web page. Looks like business is booming. Maybe my baby and I will pay you a visit soon. See you in the butcher shop, take care.
-- Paul from Guerra Meats

Hello Lee. I enjoyed your page. I saw a note in the sax player's newsgroup... See ya
-- Hugh Inglett, Augusta, Ga

I've heard great things about your craftsmanship. Good Luck
-- Bill Singer

Just wanted to let folks know Lee did a superb refurbish job on my 1927 Conn. He came highly recommended from my excellent teacher, Jeff Sanford, and in one of the newsgroups he was listed as the BEST west of the mississippi!
-- Ms. Terry Diemer, Server Ops Apprentice
Expert, n.: Someone who comes from out of town and shows slides.

Hail from Singapore...
-- Raymond Goh

Visited your site.
Nice !!!
-- Dr. A. Sharma

Hello from Trevor Barnes - Saxophone and Clarinet - CASS (UK) - Sheffield, England

Finally took a look at the latest version of the website. Looks awesome. Some of the jokes are pretty cruel. Good thing you pick on everyone.

What the heck is a Bohdran???
-- Sandy M.

You deserve the best.
You are definitely a skilled craftsman and warrant as much business as you can handle. You did such a great job on my sax -- it's still playing great.
-- Ael Ziig

Lella was going through the"want ads" in our miserable area newspaper. I think she looks every day for a musical instrument or two that Lee might like to get for repair and sale. Anyway, she couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing. Laughing a little hysterically she looked at me and said,"Al, you just won't believe this ad.
Under"Musical Instruments" it says,
'BASSINET, like new, retract wheels. $70.'.
We both sat there laughing and laughing.
Have a nice day.
-- Al Kramka

Hi to Lee. His overhaul is still holding up nicely on my tenor. Someday I'll have to do it again. Thanks.
-- Dave Barrows

Hi, Lee:
After high school, I went out and bought a rickety alto (Conn Marching Master, you know, three stars stamped into the metal?). I went to my first audition and one of the pads fell out and rolled out across the floor.

I decided I needed a bigger weapon. I fell in love with my horn the minute I saw it behind the glass. 1972 Selmer Mark VI selling for $1,100. This was more money than I had, but I continued to go in once or twice a week and play it. (by this time I was totally in love!).

I scraped up $1,100 and didn't fool around, I just went straight to the glass counter and started laying out money, all of it in $5 and $10 bills. I just started saying"I want that tenor, I want that tenor, I want that tenor..." "OK, it's yours!" Lee took it out of the display case and gave it the once-over. My sale included a complete re-padding, etc. "You'll get it in about three weeks".

For the next three weeks I subsisted on rice and beans.

Then I got the phone call that it was ready, and then the rest, as they say, is history. My life changed in a multitude of fantastic ways.
Best Wishes -- Symon

Cool site...
i think the trombone jokes are the most realistic ...heehee :)
See ya-
-- Amelia P. Timbang

wow..I'm impressed!......and I know this guy...wow.

Hi Lee,
I did my thing in Manhattan from 1953 to 1989. It was a great experience. I had customers with names like Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rollins, Clifford Jordon, George Coleman, Junior Cook, Charlie Rouse, Sam Rivers, Lee Konitz, Zoot Sims, Al Cohen, Al Klink, Bud Freeman, Jerry Jerome, Brecker, Lovano, Bob Berg , Mintzer Daniels, and a list that would fill A 100 page book, on both sides of the page. My wife and I retired to Florida in late 89, soon after she was diagnosed with cancer, and shortly after died. Being alone, bored to hell, I went back into business, selling, renting repairing, etc.
Life is good..........
Saul Fromkin

Hi Lee!
Dug your webpage!
I'm a local 6 bandleader...organist/accordionist/piano...Jon Hammond.

Also member 802 in NYC...have worked locally with some great tenor players...Bennett Friedman, Alex Budman, Ron Stallings, Harvey Wainapel, Marc Baum, Vince Wallace, and more...in NYC I play with Alex Foster, Todd Anderson, David Fathead Newman...all good cats.
I also lived in Germany and France for some years.

If you ever have any good Mark VI's available, I always know guys looking...I guess you do too! I happen to know Patrick Selmer from Paris...nice cat!
Keep up the great work!
Best regards, Jon Hammond
"The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!"      

I've never been to your shop but I'm planing to come by soon.
Kevin Church
Lee has repaired all my saxes (soprano, alto, tenor) all Selmer Mark VI becoming up on 14 years now.
Back in '88 or '89 he overhauled my tenor and rebuilt some of the rods for my tenor is from the mid 50's and hasn't seen much rest.
My point, I'm still playing on the same overhaul, I've never had work last this long, yes I have had some repairs since maybe once or twice a year.
But sometimes the horn has fallen over.
Lee always takes care of me as quickly as he can, this is what I LOVE him for!
I hope you, Lee, are around for many, many more years, I don't know what I'd do without you, maybe quit playing, or something!
Keep Swingin' all you be-boppers!
Mad Duran (Madaline Duran)
I want to be with all the famous people that appear on Lee's guestbook.
Thanks for making sure that my Sax Worx.
A fantastic repairman with a great attitude and personality.
Jay R. Witt
Hi Lee, Thanks!
Well, I played two gigs this weekend with my VI tenor, and man it plays and SOUNDS better than it ever has in the 23 years I've owned it. You did a great job with the "minor" overhaul on this horn and I can't thank you enough!
John Lull



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